This year, PCC celebrates 50 years of creating opportunity for people throughout the region. In that time more than 1.3 million individuals have been enriched by the classes, activities, and community at PCC.

Our alums come from diverse backgrounds, bring diverse skills and interests, and go on to do remarkable things. We are proud to have helped them get their start, humbled by what they have accomplished, and thrilled to honor their contributions.

In celebration of our history and our alums’ contributions to creating a better world, we are launching the PCC Diamond Alum Awards!

Awards will be made in five categories:

  • A Diamond for Service (a PCC alum who has made a positive impact through service or by creating opportunity for others)
  • A Diamond for Education (a PCC alum who has positively impacted education and/or increased access to education)
  • A Diamond of Achievement (a PCC alum who has overcome adversity and/or experienced a transformation through education)
  • A Diamond of Leadership (a PCC alum who positively impacts the community through professional leadership, excellence or success)
  • A Diamond of Prosperity (a PCC alum who positively impacts the community and economic development)

Who’s Eligible?

If you’ve ever gone to PCC, you are considered an “alum”!

Anyone who has taken a credit or non-credit class, earned a degree, or transferred their PCC credits toward a university bachelor’s degree, and as a result of their PCC experience, has been inspired to accomplish great things. The Diamond logo has long symbolized PCC’s belief that everyone has the opportunity to shine. We are now looking for 50 alums who shine by living out PCC’s Diamond values every day.

To view the current list of nominees click here.

(We are no longer accepting nominations.)


The panel will include:

  • Alumni
  • Current students
  • Faculty
  • Members of PCC’s 50th Anniversary planning committee
  • Members of PCC’s Retiree Network
  • Community members
  • PCC Foundation donors
  • Business partners


The 50 Diamond Alumni will be announced on February 24, 2012. Both the winners and their nominators will be notified.

The winners will be invited to a special reception with our president, where they’ll receive a framed award. They’ll also receive two VIP tickets to a performance of “Project 50,” PCC’s 50th Anniversary theater production in March. To spread the word about our great alumni, the college will run special congratulatory ads in area newspapers listing PCC’s 50 Diamond Alumni, issue news releases to a variety of media, and include stories and photos on the college website.