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Michael Mikeworth branches out in new job


Seven PCC students are working as interns for various state legislators in Salem this session. The internships, established by the college to give interested students experience in government, are helping to broaden their skill sets as well as build awareness of the college with state leaders. Below is a profile of one of the interesting interns.

Michael Mikeworth

Age: 50.

Area of Study: Network Administration & Security.

Campus: Southeast Center.

Hometown: Southeast Portland.

Who are you an intern for and what are the things you do for them?

Rob Wagner, director of Governmental Relations for PCC.

How are you liking the experience and what is your favorite part of the job?

I love it. I like seeing how state government works and how to get funding for community colleges.

How will you use this experience for either your education or for your future career?

No matter what I do, I can continue to lobby for PCC and I may be able to get a job doing network administration work for the Government or an NGO.

How did you hear about this opportunity, and why did you apply for it?

I saw a flyer and two instructors asked me to apply.

What has been your favorite moment to date (i.e. an event, meeting somebody…etc)? Lobbying for PCC with the politicians.

Is there something you have learned you didn’t know before about the legislative process or about the legislators themselves?

How the state bonding process works.

And, is there anything your legislators or their staff have learned about you and the community college they may not have known?

There is a lot of over-40 students in the system right now who care about the future of education.

How much has this meant to you?

A lot.

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