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Grace Morlock, 16, loving the legislative experience


Seven PCC students are working as interns for various state legislators in Salem this session. The internships, established by the college to give interested students experience in government, are helping to broaden their skill sets as well as build awareness of the college with state leaders. Below is a profile of one of the interesting interns.

Grace Morlock

Age: 16.

Area of Study: Business administration.

Campus: Rock Creek Campus, Early College High School.

Hometown: Beaverton.

Who are you an intern for and what are the things you do for them?

I’m interning for Representative Tobias Read. During my time spent at the Capitol I have gone to many committee hearings. I have sat in on constituent meetings, as well as doing your basic office tasks like filing bills and responding to constituent letters.

How are you liking the experience and what is your favorite part of the job?

I love the experience. Just being in Salem and witnessing first hand how the legislative process works is amazing. My favorite part of the job is being involved in the atmosphere that the Capitol has to offer. There is never a dull moment working with Representative Read or walking around the halls of the building.

How will you use this experience for either your education or for your future career?

Representative Read has shown me what it means to be motivated and driven. I will use this to further my education and career goals because working in his office as shown me to not sit back and let opportunities pass me by.

How did you hear about this opportunity, and why did you apply for it?

I learned about this opportunity from the PCC website and I applied because I thought it would be a learning experience.

What has been your favorite moment to date?

My favorite moment to date was sitting on the House floor with my Representative at his desk. It was such a great opportunity that most people never have a chance to do.

Is there something you have learned you didn’t know before about the legislative process or about the legislators themselves?

I learned that the legislators truly care and are passionate for the issues they support and defend. All of them are in the capital to make Oregon a better state to live in.

And, is there anything your legislators or their staff have learned about you and the community college they may not have known?

Rep. Read and his staff learned that I was a part of the Early College High School, which is a program through the Beaverton School District that promotes higher education for students who are juniors and seniors. Rep. Read is very passionate about promoting a system of educational excellence and higher education and I’m glad that I have been able to be apart of it.

How much has this meant to you?

Working with Rep. Read and all the people at the Capitol has meant a lot to me. It has always been a dream of mine to intern and be a part of all the State Capitol has to offer. I hope this can be a stepping stone for further opportunities as great as this one.

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